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The Best Sex Medicine – Restraint

Often in a sexual relationship, the tendency to over involvement and eagerness of having more creates frustration and takes away the enjoyment. Sex is the function of a calm and happy mind. More eager and more excited you are, more the expectation, less is the fun. So, lack of calmness is the primary cause for most of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc. and restraint is the best sex medicine. 

In a sexual relationship, being routine and casual harms the fun. If you can show some restraint and avoid everyday sex, include some excitement and surprise, it really helps to keep the freshness.

How to show the restraint:

Do not crave for sex. Have a mental balance.

In a married relationship. there are natural times  when sex can be avoided, like

Use these time gaps to show pure love to your spouse. it helps not only to improve your relationship, it boosts the sex experience at a later stage.

Giving each other space is the deciding factor to the fruitfulness of the relationship. This rule holds good even in sexual life.

Physiologically, if sex is had once in 2 or 3 days, it give sufficient time for the male reproductive system to produce good quantity of sperms and semen. Leading to good erection and ejaculation.

So, the best sex medicine for conditions like tiredness, premature ejaculation etc  – Restrain from sex.

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  2. Akhilesh Gupta says:

    Hello sir ,,
    Pl give me details and effect of this medician ..

    • Hi, sorry that you misunderstood ‘restraint’ as name of some medicine for sex. It is actually not a medicine. Restraint means – to avoid sex very frequently and practice some self control. This practice of self control will eventually lead to improved sex power and performance. Regards

  3. Akhilesh Gupta says:

    Hello, sir tell me medician name Pl…
    thanks ….!!!!

  4. Abdul Ghani says:

    Hello Sir,
    I don’t know how to say, actually i am a married last 2 year i am week before start sex i’m out within few seconds can you help me get good medicine if then i will be appreciat

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