‘Did You Enjoy The Act?’ Not A Good Question To Ask

Often during sex, men tend to ask, “did you enjoy the act?” Although it looks like a small insignificant question, it may annoy your partner. This question means one or many of the following –

1. You are not confidant about yourself.

2. You are doubting whether she is acting as if she is enjoying.

3. You are self-centered moron who wants confirmation and appreciation of your ‘great work’.

4. You just want to listen a shy-full ‘yes’ from her, just to satisfy your ego.

Hence, it is not a good idea to ask if she really had a great time with you, unless you are very ready and open to take the ‘No’ answer.


In some Indian courts, while interrogating the rape victims – often lawyers ask – “did you enjoy the act?”  There is nothing sillier than this. If she really did enjoy the act, she would not have filed the rape complaint in the first place.