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Sex In Winter – Ayurvedic Advice And Health Tips

Ayurveda divides a year into six seasons. Each season having two months. In that, winter falls in Hemantha and Shishira Ritu. As per Ayurveda, in both these seasons, (that is in winter), the natural strength of the body will be very high. So, one can … [Continue reading]

My India – Land Of Bloody F****rs :(

I am a very proud Indian. Whenever I hear my national Anthem, I get goosebumps. Whenever I hear the greats like Swamy Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhiji, Lokamanya Tilak, I get tears of respect in my eyes. I always want India to be remembered as the land … [Continue reading]

Sex Tips For Women – Sexy Clothing – Art of Hiding and Seeking

Sex is not all about being nude and having intercourse. It is about exploring the fun quotient while sharing and making love. Quite often we tend to be in a rush to being naked. But the foreplay and sex can be made more enjoyable with sexy clothing. … [Continue reading]

Do Not Let Go Of Those ‘Home Alone’ Moments

During the initial phase of married life, those moments when you are alone with spouse are golden moments where you can be free to express love and sex in whichever the way you wish. But as the marriage life progresses on, we tempt to forget these … [Continue reading]

14 Tips For Making Noise During Sex For Good Sex Experience

For a good sex experience, making noise is very important. It is an integral part of  sexual performance. Making noise helps to improve the general mood of both the partners, it encourages both the partners for full involvement during sex. It is … [Continue reading]

How To Protect Your Child From Internet Porn And Sex Content

how to protect your child from internet porn?

A British boy 12 year old, raped 9 year old, to feel young, after watching tons of internet porn. Reports a newspaper. At a time when we have got nothing to stop our kids to access internet, there are some basic things that we can do to avoid … [Continue reading]

Tips For Premature Ejaculation – Occasionally Skip Sex After Foreplay

One of the main problem in premature ejaculation is lack of good mental control. Self control is very necessary to last long onthe bed. This can be achieved by occasionally avoiding sex after foreplay.  … [Continue reading]

I Feel Guilty About Sex – Perplexed Mind Of A Teenager

Feeling guilty about sexual thoughts and all the aspects related to sex is a common phenomena in teenage. But if you nurture this guilty feeling, it leads to depleted confidence, lack of interest in studies / work. It totally complicates your life.  … [Continue reading]

My ebook Complete Sex Guide – Revised And Updated. Grab Your Copy Today

My sex ebook - Complete Sex Guide has been revised and updated. Here are the details of how it will dramatically improve your sex health.  … [Continue reading]

Very Sensitive Penis Head – Ayurveda Solutions

Normally young men with tight foreskin, have this problem of very sensitive penis head. This happens because, at all the times, the penis head (aka glans penis) lies within the cover of foreskin. So, it is least exposed to outer atmosphere, hence … [Continue reading]