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Nutrition And Sex Power – Exploring The Mutual Relationship

Nutrition and sex power are directly related. The overall nutrition level of the body has direct effect on  sexual health. A well nourished body is very much needed for successful sex life for both husband and wife. Ayurveda explains how – 

What is nutrition? 
Nutrition means the process of providing good quality of food for enjoying health, growth and longevity.

Ayurveda concept of nutrition – 

Nutrition and sex power

Process of nourishment

The food that we take, gets digested at the level of stomach and intestines and forms a fluid called as ‘Rasa’ containing all the nourishing qualities of food. This Rasa circulates all over the body through the media of blood and nourishes all the blood cells, which in turn nourishes all body organs,  muscles, fat tissue, bone and bone marrow and in the end, reproductive system.

Here reproductive system also includes the hormones and all other agents influencing sexual life.

Hence, a properly nourished body is a basic prerequisite for good sexual health

It is a matter of wonder, how the ancient scholars had explained this fact.

This theory can be substantiated by following points –

1. Both men and women having undernourished body and who are underweight often suffer from sexual problems such as lack of sex vigor, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc.

2. Women who are under-nourished (as in anorexia nervosa)  suffer from cessation of menstrual cycles, or lack of initiation of menstrual cycle (lack of onset of menarche).

3. Quality and quantity of sperms and semen are also related to what we eat.

What is the point? 

For a good sex power,

  • Concentrate on highly nutritious diet.
  • Make sure to include a good combination of vitamins, minerals, fat, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Avoid junk food, aerated drinks, smoking and excess alcohol.
  • Use natural anti oxidant herbs such as Amla
  • Exercise regularly and keep your body fit.

Remember –  over-nutrition is as dangerous as under nutrition.

Over-nutrtion - Ayurveda

With over nutrition, only the fatty tissue gets nourishment, depriving bones and further reproductive system of nutrition. Hence, over nutrition also causes depleted sex power.

Related aspects of nutrition – 

A healthy digestive system is required for absorbing nutrtion.

Regular exercise and physical activities make sure that the absorbed nutrition is properly utilized by the body.

Mental calmness, happiness also affect how our body utilizes the available nutrition.

Hence, for good sexual health, good digestive power, regular exercise and happiness of mind contribute positively.

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