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Male Marriage sex counselling: Prepare Yourself Two Months Before Marriage

There is only two months left for marriage. There is little relationship already built up with your fiance. How to take it further to have a successful sexual life after marriage? Let us talk in detail about that.  

Marriage sex counselling

1. Healthy love relationship – 

Make sure to develop a good interactive love relationship with your fiance. Either direct one to one talk or just telephone talk, let there be fun, love, mutual interest and happiness. Try to understand each other, understand what are the positives, what are the negatives and how you can improve them together etc.

2. Explain your home and family condition

She should know in detail about your family members, their nature, and how she can cope up with them. She should also be aware of your financial condition. This helps to avoid hype and overspending after marriage.

3. Consult a gynecologist together – 

It will be ideal if you both go together to a gynaecologist and have a sexual counselling and also knowledge about which contraceptive method to adopt etc. (You can get this info even in my book – complete sex guide)

4. Masturbation – 

Till this time, masturbation was your way of exhibiting your sexual desire. After marriage, it will be through actual sexual intercourse. Hence there will be little effort required to get adjusted. But everything will fall in place after first week of marriage.

5. Do not overhype first night. 

Your first night should be to just initiate physical intimacy. It may lead to sex or may not. But do not try hard to get success in the first attempt. Understand that you may not succeed fully in the first attempt and be cool about it. No one rides a bicycle on his first attempt. If possible, convey this message to your fiance well ahead so that there is no embarassing situation. Just tell that “I have heard friends saying it may not be successful at the first attempt, but usually everything goes fine within a week time”/

6. Adjusting your lifestyle – 

You were a free eagle flying wherever you want to, till this time. But you will have to adjust for a better healthy and suitable lifestyle from now on. Stick to regular sleeping time, diet etc. Bring more discipline into your life.

7. Do not overhype – 

While talking to fiance, cut a few jokes about yourself and be human. Do not pose as a superman. It may create unreachable expectations.

8. Ayurvedic medicine – Ayurveda explains a few medicines and therapies that help improve sexual power. Consult your doctor for the same.

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