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Very Sensitive Penis Head – Ayurveda Solutions

Normally young men with tight foreskin, have this problem of very sensitive penis head. This happens because, at all the times, the penis head (aka glans penis) lies within the cover of foreskin. So, it is least exposed to outer atmosphere, hence remains sensitive.  This problem can be solved with following techniques. 

1. Masturbation 

While masturbating the tip of the penis will be touched and excited. More it is touched, more it gets used to the sensation and over a period of time, it will become lesser sensitive.

2. Retract the foreskin 

It is a good habit for all youngsters to slowly try to roll back the foreskin (skin covering the penis head) back over the penis head. You may not succeed at the first attempt, but if you stretch regularly, then things will be better by the day.

3. Treatment for tight foreskin

Get the problem of tight foreskin corrected. Eventually, more exposure of penis head to air will lessen the sensitivity.

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4. While taking bath

Roll back the foreskin as much as you can and run a thin stream of water over the exposed penis head. Over a period of time, this technique will lessen the over-sensitivity. Luke warm water is better than cold / hot water.

5. Apply Ayurvedic Oil

Half an hour before bath, Take Ksheerabala taila (herbal Ayurvedic oil), apply this oil to the tip of the penis and gently try to roll back the foreskin. Apply the oil to the exposed penis head, gently massage the penis head with fingers. This will reduce the sensitivity to a larger extent.

6. While you are at home

Just roll back the foreskin as much as you can and wear the underwear and tolerate the discomfort as far as you can. The exposed part of glans penis is rubbed against the cloth and hence it reduces the sensitivity.

7. Wear a condom

Roll back the foreskin as much as you can and wear a condom. Condom is lot smoother than the cloth hence, it will more easily reduce the very sensitive glans penis.

All in all, very sensitive penis head problem is  not a very big issue and will eventually go away with time and practice.

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  1. prashant says:

    Excellent tips! Thanks! Perhaps you may write about lasting longer in bed.

  2. Thank you for the information that you have presented on this website.
    Question is there a reputable link/distributor that you would recommend
    to purchase the Ksheerabala taila?

  3. Thank You!

  4. Perhaps the suggestions are for Non Muslims, because they do not circumcise, whereas the Muslims get their boys essentially circumcised in very early age. Please prescribe some medicines, if necessary.

  5. Excellent tips.thanks very much

  6. Alistair Hart says:

    Excellent help, I first fully rolled back the foreskin a few days before I found this (I’m 17btw) and it hurt like hell until I used the pain gate technique to numb it a bit. I only started trying to do this because, just before I managed to roll it back I accidentally touched the most sensitive part of the glans. When I did this the pain was so intense that I went into a sweat and I lost all vision (and when your dick is out and your parents are in the house, that ain’t great!). I’ve now fully retracted the foreskin 3 times and whilst it is impossible to put even loose boxers on over it, contact with the air is making it more manageable.

  7. sir, kindly advice all the male friends who is suffering from early ejaculation while having sex with the herbal remedies or medicine available in india.

  8. not my real name says:

    thank you so much for the info i will try all the tips and hope it works 😀

  9. Thanks for the tips

  10. Thanks for tips

  11. TylerJoseph says:

    Hey, I was wondering about the underwear one. Whrn you walk with the foreskin retracted, will it hurt?

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