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A Formula To Revive Your Sex Life – Wear Minimal Cloths

While going through our daily routine, after a few years of marriage, it is really difficult to decide whether to have sex tonight or not. The mutual love is already shared with kids and other family members, mutual attraction is also faded away with extra pounds of fats on tummy, mind is also not as relaxed as it used to be, thanks to family tensions, financial worries and ever increasing monthly bills. So, though you love your wife / husband, chances of sharing love at night often becomes elusive. [Read more…]

3 Essential Newly Married Couple Tips For Lifestyle Management

There is no better time than newly married period for any couple. While mind and body drenches in love and happiness, you need to make sure that your lifestyle gets to a healthy track fast. Here are a three important newly married couple tips.  [Read more…]

How To Cure Sexual Weakness With Love?

Love is an important aspect of sex. If you ask me, it amounts to around 85 % of the whole sex experience. If you really love your partner, then the probable sexual weakness that you have can be suppressed and much concentration can be given for ‘enjoyment’. Let us learn how.  [Read more…]

How Your Economic Status And Self Confidence Affects Sexual Health

The number one factor for a good sexual power for men is confidence. If they lose the self confidence, then it worsens performance, foreplay and actual act of sex. The confidence in them may be dented due to many reasons such as previous failures, lack of good communication etc. As per recent research, along with these inter-personal problems, economic status also plays a role. Here are the details and solutions.  [Read more…]

Marriage Or Live In Relationship – 7 Tips To Help You Make A Decision

Suppose you are entering into a relationship. Your partner offers for a live in relationship. What are the factors that you need to consider? Should you stress for marriage, rather than living in? Does “let us live-in for a couple of months and then lets see’ works? There are few viewpoints to take note.  [Read more…]

My India – Land Of Bloody F****rs :(

I am a very proud Indian. Whenever I hear my national Anthem, I get goosebumps. Whenever I hear the greats like Swamy Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhiji, Lokamanya Tilak, I get tears of respect in my eyes. I always want India to be remembered as the land of religious harmony, the land of Spiritual ecstasy, the land of universal brotherhood, the sacred land which preaches Holy Vedas, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, to the world. But whenever I open a news paper [Read more…]

Do Not Let Go Of Those ‘Home Alone’ Moments

During the initial phase of married life, those moments when you are alone with spouse are golden moments where you can be free to express love and sex in whichever the way you wish. But as the marriage life progresses on, we tempt to forget these love-full joy and succumb to day to day stress. Here are a few tips to break the shackles and make the most of those home alone moments.  [Read more…]

I Feel Guilty About Sex – Perplexed Mind Of A Teenager

Feeling guilty about sexual thoughts and all the aspects related to sex is a common phenomena in teenage. But if you nurture this guilty feeling, it leads to depleted confidence, lack of interest in studies / work. It totally complicates your life.  [Read more…]

My ebook Complete Sex Guide – Revised And Updated. Grab Your Copy Today

My sex ebook – Complete Sex Guide has been revised and updated. Here are the details of how it will dramatically improve your sex health.  [Read more…]

For Men – Before You Enter Into Live In Relationship

Live in relationship is a great way to take your love to next level. But it is very important that you have thought about all the scenes well before you get into living in with your beloved.  [Read more…]