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Premature ejaculation: Ayurvedic herbal remedies and tips

Premature ejaculation is quite  a common complaint experienced by many. In some, it occurs for a long period of time, and in most people, it appears just for a short period of time . Nevertheless, the embarrassment and the feeling of lack of enjoyment affects all in same measure. I hope this article will cover most of the effective premature ejaculation tips

Premature ejaculation tips
1. Do not get over excited in the beginning of foreplay acts. Make up your mind to enjoy at least 10 minutes of foreplay and be gritty enough to stick to your plan.

2. Do not undress yourself too soon. undress the partner first and engage in foreplay, consciously suppressing your tempted feelings. I know it is not that much an enjoyable idea. but still, you got to do it to a. help your partner to have enjoyment and b. to have enjoyment to yourself at the right time.

3. Excite the partner by cuddling, kissing, touching and tingling on her right zones. inside of the thighs, back of the neck, lips, breasts, navel region are the key areas to concentrate. Caressing, cuddling, hugging, kissing, squeezing and all that.  Do trial and error and get to know which are the sensitive areas in her body to get her excited easily.

4. Do not allow the partner to work on your penis or groin area, early in the foreplay, this way, the untimely early excitement can be avoided.

5. Discuss with the partner about your temporary problem, which you both together can get rid of very easily. This also helps in easing the tension out. This way you will also get the partners confidence and help. After all she is your loved one right? So, she will be more than happy to just help you out of this temporary situation. I do not see anything called embarrassment or shame is sharing your problem with your beloved partner. According to me, sex is neither a means for man to show his strength over woman, nor it is a tool to attract  / woo a woman. I suppose it is a superb way to express love and faith with each other.

6. Have sexy talks with the partner during foreplay, without you meaning it. I mean, you do not get excited with your talks. Make her excited.

7. It is always a good habit to let the partner know when you are going to ejaculate.

8. Be pleased to know that it is your body, not a machine to just to put on a switch and the thing gets erected and maintained as it is as long as it is wished. The physiology involves emotional factors, weather, the surrounding, the mood, what you had taken etc.

9. Bottom of the story is get her excited to the fullest, then undress, and have enjoyment.

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  1. I need herbovital capsule just tell me where shall i buy it in bangalore and wat is the coast of it and how to use it.

  2. Hi i not unable to enjoy sex.when i start sex my ejaculation start after 3 min.how can i get get safe sex and i can imprss and satisfy my partner. what is bascic funda so i can ihave my good sex life.after 1 short i lose my penis motion.how can i have longer sex with my partner

  3. sir is this gud to do sex with prostitutes

    • Sex with prostitutes can be very dangerous. I strictly suggest you to avoid.
      It may create sexual problems after marriage.
      Unprotected sex with prostitute may cause sexual trasmitted diseases like AIDS, Syphilis etc.

    • Sex with prostitutes can be very dangerous. I strictly suggest you to avoid.
      It may create sexual problems after marriage.
      Unprotected sex with prostitute may cause sexual transmitted diseases like AIDS, Syphilis etc.

  4. Dr. Vikram Chauhan says:

    Improper diet and no exercise is major cause of premature ejaculation.

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