licorice sex recipe

Licorice used in Ayurvedic medicines since ages, is also used in a sex recipe for sex power increase. It is called as Yashtimadhu in Sanskrit. Botanical name – Gycyrrhiza glabra. Its aphrodisiac recipe is mentioned in an Ayurvedic text book called as Chakradatta – Here is the simple way to do this very easy to make recipe for sex power.

Method of preparation of licorice   sex recipe –

1. Take  one tea-spoon full of licorice powder.

2. Mix it with  ghee and honey.

3. Make it a licorice candy.

4. Consume it with half a glass of milk at  bed time.

Ghee and honey proportion: Ayurveda says that ghee and honey should not be taken in equal quantities. So it is better to take ghee and honey in different proportions.

Benefits of licorice sex recipe –

It helps to improve sexual performance.

so, that’s it about one among the licorice aphrodisiac recipe.

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    • It is also called as yasthimadhu / Jeshtamadhu.
      It is an Ayurvedic herb.
      Usually available in Ayurvedic medical shops.

    • Same herb can have different health benefits with different medium. Same herb can bring about different health benefits in different individuals based on the requirement of the body. It is like water, flowing down through pits. Yashtimadhu is also a good gasritis remedy