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Healthy Sex Tips For A Fruitful Relationship And Meaningful Life

Healthy sex is very essential for a meaningful relationship and meaningful life. ‘Healthy sex’ involves balance, understanding, patience, co-operation, finding happiness together. While most of the people target ‘excitement’ and ‘short-term happiness’ during sex, I would rather recommend to target long-term happiness and a successful sexual life. 

Healthy sex tips:
1. Single sex partner: Multiple partners, betrayal in relationships,  one night stands and behaving impulsively on the spur of movement causes imbalance in sexual life and breaks the backbone of the relationship – trust.

2. Self control: You come home with the plan of sex and find that the spouse is having a headache or is excessively tired, wisdom lies in self-control. The practice of self-control helps to put love ahead of sex. Self control and restraint also helps to fight premature ejaculation.

3. Care for partner: In showing concern towards happiness of the spouse, avoiding possible painful postures, showing restraint when the spouse is ill.

4. Using contraception: Proper knowledge and adoption of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy helps unnecessary pregnancy and abortions. In some cases of premature ejaculation, use of condom helps to delay the stimulation and excitation and leads to sex power increase.

5. Avoiding sex during periods: Which may cause many health problems.

6. Forcing the partner: For everyday sex or many times sex in a day, forcing for sexual alternatives such as anal sex, when the partner is not interested may lead to misunderstanding and bitterness in relationship.

Overall, the difference between healthy sex and unhealthy sex practices can be summarized as follows.

Healthy sex practice Unhealthy sex practice
Sex with single partner Multiple partners
Self control and mental control over desire No control, dominating and overpowering
Care for partner Your enjoyment is what matters.
Long time perspective Tonight is the night
Long and strong relationship One night stands
Sex as part of life Sex as aim of life
Sex at proper age Sex at teenage

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  1. Srikumar/Astologer/Kol-2 says:

    Actually sex habit heavily depends on mental set up and opportunity a man does have.Food habit and cultural and family background also influence on the sex character.Meditation can extends a great help to control the sexual power of a man or woman.

  2. good site

  3. nice explation, everyone should have sex education and the points that are mentioned is more then suffecient for improving sex health.

  4. Having masturbation once every day…. Does it affect erection ?

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