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Many times sex in a day?

How many times sex in a day is normal? Are there any supplements to empower me to have many times sex in a day? are queries that I usually receive.   While sex frequency is really a personal issue, there is a strong need to look into this issue from multiple view-points.

Sex or intercourse is a biological process. It is one of the basic needs of human beings, like hunger and thirst. It is a magical process of nature. Sex is a process of procreation by recreation. It is a game of hormones in the body. It is a game of feelings. Sex is an expression of love.

How many times sex in a day?

Sex frequency is dependent upon factors such as

  • One’s health, emotions, hormone levels and body type
  • Mutual understanding between the couple
  • Mood at a particular point of time
  • Basic instinct
  • Comfort etc.

So, with these criteria, having many times intercourse in a day, or once in a day, or once in two or three days, anything is normal.

Having said that, if you are forcing yourself to have many times sex, if you are pushing your body and mind deliberately for sex, if you are falling behind supplements for having many times sex in a day, I call that abnormal and unhealthy.

While determining sex frequency, the best adoptable way is to listen to your body, mind and emotions and go with it, naturally.

  • You live, you have your own goals to achieve in your life and sex is part of your life  – is correct.
  • You live and you live to have sex only in life, your only goal in life is to have sex – is not correct.

Speaking in terms of Ayurveda, having too much sex

  • Leaves you exhausted,
  • Makes you easily irritable, anxious and depressed,
  • Takes away your strength,
  • Kills your concentration,
  • Takes you away from your soul,
  • Leads to many diseases if you opt for unprotected sex, or sex with multiple partners.

So, the bottom line is – see sex as a part of your life, as a basic nature of your body and do not see sex as your hobby or the aim of your life.

how many times masturbate?

Please read the above article by replacing ‘masturbate‘ in place of the word ‘sex

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  1. babajee123 says:

    quite right you say Dr .what you said in all aspect that natural,really.

  2. abdur rahman says:

    My problem is i am not having good sex, i am come out very fast with in few second, i want know , what is the soluation for long time to stay, what is medicine i can take with out side effect, and i am 47 years old, please give some suggestion.

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