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Low Sex Drive After Marriage! How To Regain Sex Drive?

You were having good sex drive while being bachelor, There was good erection, mood was happy and everything was all right. You married and there is low sex drive after marriage? How does that happen? What is the cause and how to regain sex drive?  Before marriage, we do not indulge in sexual thinking much, except for while watching porn etc. There is a sense of mystery about sex in our minds, there is a sense of joy-awaiting-in-future, there is a sense of amazement and happiness. There is a sense of fantasy. This fantasy and happiness keeps our sex drive high. Remember mind, sex drive and erection are inter-related.

Once after marriage, that fantasy is realized, but sometimes, mind may think that “so this is it?” and the amazement is demystified.

There is no more secrecy or fantasy about sex. This kind of de-mystification sometimes exhibits in the form of lack of sensation in penis, lack of interest in sex or low sex drive.

Sex everyday – 

Soon after marriage, many indulge in everyday sex or many times sex in a day. This leads to onset of boredom and tiredness, taking away the fun that sex used to bring to you.  This is also a major cause for low sex drive after marriage.

Lack of attraction towards wife – 

Now that you live with your wife 24 X 7, your wife may no more be the object of fantasy and enthusiasm, that she was, prior to marriage. This may also lead to low sex drive.


But do not worry. It is just a normal phenomenon. It will go away if you follow these ideas –

1. Include fantasy and surprises in your sex life.

Like, sex in bathroom kitchen,  sex with cloths on, going for second honeymoon, naughty talks, oil massage sex, pinching, hugging kissing etc. It keeps the sex interest alive and it boosts your relationship with your wife.

2.  No Sex – Always do not target to have sex. Have some romantic nights, without sex. Just romance.

3. Do not think too much – While having sex, do not worry about penis length, level of sexual excitement etc. worry about your love, romance, and the enjoyment.

4. Do not have it everyday. Find out why

5. Concentrate on nutritious food. If you feel tired soon, consider raisins,  sugarcane juice which are powered with natural sweetness and act as instant energizers.


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