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12 effective tips for sex power increase

Decreased sexual interest and sex power haunts everybody at one or the other point of time. So, it is very important to use techniques to keep your sexual life, pleasurable and enjoyable. Here are 12 tips for sex power increase. Hope they are useful to you.

1. Don’t have it everyday. maintain a gap of one or two days. Sex, as a part and parcel of daily routine may make you feel bored and eventually might lead to decreased sexual interest. Many times sex in a day , very rarely is fine.
2. Always have an element of surprise in your moves, or your general behaviour, or the gifts that you choose. Surprise makes the moment exciting.

3. Different sex postures – You may start feeling bored by same postures. So, different intercourse postures will not only helps to have improved sexual health, but also helps you to keep fit by burning a few more calories. Sex postures that do not allow complete insertion make the act fun and exciting.

4. Try out some SAFE sex fantasies. Sexual fantasies are the imaginary scenes that you plan and enact with your spouse.

5. Do not undress all of a sudden. Slow and steady… always wins the race.

6. Wear a condom, it delays the pinnacle giving more time to enjoy. In some men, rolling back the foreskin of the penis helps delay excitation.  The tip of the penis (the end bulged part)  in men is the point of excitation. making delay in its excitation helps delay ejaculation and gives ample time for foreplay.

7. Exercise Sex and exercise are connected to each other.

8. Black gram – Black gram has been hailed as one of the effective diet for sex power increase. so, eating Dosa, or other food dishes made of black gram for 2-3 times a week will help in good sex health. Urad daal

9. Get rid of diseases – Maximum sexual bliss can be had only if you keep yourself healthy and hygienic. So, get proper treatment for your diseases and do not allow them to grow to chronicity. Diabetes and hypertension may be causes for decreased libido, which has to be given proper treatment.

10. Take care of your partner. Love is such an important element to ensure mutual enjoyment. Please know the feeling of the partner. Ladies usually will be in a slightly different mood nearing to their periods. Working women will be usually encountering higher stress levels. So, please take care.

11. Ayurveda explains that food with sweet, salt and sour taste enhance sexual power and bitter, hot, too much spicy food articles lead to decreased sexual interest. asparagus, Ashwagandha, grapes, dates, meat, egg, chocolates, buffalo milk, buffalo curds, Aloe vera juice, Sweet pomegranate fruit are a few food items for sex power increase.

12. Sexual herbal supplements – You might need herbal supplements if you have following conditions.

– If you have diabetes or hypertension, due to which you are suffering from decreased libido / erection difficulties.

– If you are suffering from / recovering from a chronic disease,  which is leading to decreased libido for a prolonged period of time.

– None of the above tips are working, even after trying consistently over a period of time.


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  1. Dr. Jacobson says:

    This was a wonderful article you have presented. Many of my patients have come to me with this problem, and I have seen that the men have the hardest time talking about it. Your list is full of great ways to combat sex boredom and overall sexual health. Keep up the great work with your blog.

  2. Hai sir i am feeling sexuly unfit

  3. Thank u very much sir for ur nice tips.sir i m a Bangladeshi n 21year old.but from my teenage i m facing a problem wit my sex,that is i was accustomed to self abuse n frequently i have decreased my sex power.but now i m feeling very frustration for this n not abusing my sex.sir i will feel lucky if u tell me what step i will have to take..

  4. Iam faceing sexual problem.when ever iam doing sex sperm fall down without doing or last only 3min.it make me sad helpme

  5. vaidya paul says:

    It’s said that ghee gets better with time.
    how about ghruts? I’ve heard that shelf live is 16 months.
    how come?

    • Ghee processed with herbs is called as Ghrita / Ghruts. As per Ayurveda, such herbal processed ghrita shelf life is 16 months.
      While ghee kept in air tight container for long period of 10 years is used in Ayurveda in the treatment of neuro psychiatric disorders.

  6. how can i increase my sex duration

    • Ayush Rajput says:

      you can increase your sex duration by eating raw egg(kaccha) or by mixing it in the milk and drink it…

  7. A clearer problem description is very necessary.

  8. hi doc how can i increase my stamina i need your help doc plz thanks!

  9. I Love your tips

  10. ur tips are helpful

  11. davender says:

    sir what can i do to increase interest in sex

    • Here are a few tips for you:
      1. Do not do sex everyday,. everyday sex will make you bored of it.
      2. Love towards wife is very important to keep the fun in sex alive. Make sure to develop strong bondage with your wife.
      3. If you do not have interest, but if your wife has interest, then you can adopt techniques like female mastubation, sexual fantasy play, sex games, etc. Read my book COMPLETE SEX GUIDE. I have explained these aspects in detail in this book.
      4. There are lot many safe Ayurvedic sex power increasing herbs and products. Consult your Ayurvedic doctor. he will help you out.

  12. how to increase sperm.

    • First up, you need to get a semen analysis to know the sperm count, mobility etc.
      If you have already done that, please send the report to me. I will see, if Ayurveda can help you out.
      if the cause for low sperm count is physical in nature, such as varicocele, blockage in tubes (epididymes), etc, then surgical option might have to be considered.

  13. hi sir,
    Sir i need to ask that, taking medic such as manforce tablets…is that having any side-effect or harmful..???

  14. great sir
    u r a gem, i am surprised to see that u reply all comments/questions
    really ur tips a big help
    my sincere regards to u

  15. hi & thanks

  16. Dr. Tell me something

    Is require to circumcise???

    So is it necessary to circumcise? how long it will take to after circumcise? since I am working man cant wait at home for long time. SO please tell me if you can how is the process and the time required for that.


  17. Dear sir i gone through your article and i am so impressed,now a days its very common problem and pushing us in lot of mental pressure.

  18. Doing handjob is harmfull?

  19. Very helpful information we are geting through you, thanks a lot sir.

  20. Very nice forum..
    how to enlarge and thik penis?

  21. No

  22. sir what are general food items which improve the sex moods and keep the man in good mood.
    can u help me out.

  23. how long the sex should last while intercource, is female satisfaction point is more than a man

  24. Great sir,
    i need your help, how i can contact with u.

  25. My sex power is very low only one minute i want to increase it thirsty minute

  26. Mr.Mohd.S. says:

    Very informative.Thanks.
    All the best in your profession.

  27. is garlic dipped in ascetic acid , used one or two for a day helpful in mating power.

    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) says:

      Usually vinegar prepared from acetic acid is used, rather than the acetic acid itself. But raw garlic use or use through culinary can yield the aphrodisiac effect.

  28. Amit KUmar says:

    Can i use Shilajit Gold for incresing.

  29. amit tomar says:

    actually my penis is thin at back as compare to frunt portion ……………is it some thing to worry?

  30. M dong masturbte everyday snce childhood.i want to know it wil efct my mariage or not?if yes than wht to do?

  31. Goodeshwar prasad says:

    Its a very useful site pl guide youngster

  32. My penis always stand what i do

  33. hi doc…

    is there any problem in regular anal f..k..

    if yes wat kinda ??

  34. sir thanks a lot for these tips

  35. What is the average sex period.?Also tell what is the avg tim a women satisfies while doing sex.and gets ejcuated.

    • There is no particular time as – average sex time. It varies from one couple to the other. Usually 5 – 15 minutes of foreplay and 2 – 5 minutes of sex can be ideal. But it again depends on individuals. Watch for the signs of orgasm in women and that is the ideal sex time. Ultimately both the husband and wife should have a fun time at the end of sex. That is all.

  36. Sir im 16years old..nd when my penis erects its not straigtit is tilted towards left..at 15degre.what should i do.does it affect my sex life in future..


    sir what a natural duration of sex?

  38. Sir, How I increase my intercourse time with the help of with some simple tricks diet. You are too Good

  39. i fail within one min. while sex with my wife .i used to do masterbate during childhood and my pennis is little bit titled to left. pls help me

  40. Need some guidance on sex. could you please share your mail id

  41. sourabh bhandari says:

    how long the sex should last while intercource, is female satisfaction point is more than a man

  42. Sir am a engineering student… I masturbate like once almost everyday…
    so does it have affect on my memory power? or Thinking ability? or will i loose weight if i do it regularly??

  43. Its very useful its nice

  44. abhijit says:

    doctor how i increase my dick size

  45. Deepa Rajesh says:

    Is electric shavers safe to remove public hairs for woman or which is good method to follow. My partner using razors and no issues but I read some side effects can cause for woman

    • Hi, there are special razors available for women, the blades of which are very soft. Those kinds of razors will be good to use. Just search in a super market. You should easily get it.

  46. After a Transitory Ischemic Attack ( Cerebral): Viagra can be used ? If yes, after what time from accident please ?

  47. I m ali 22 yr old have a problm of pre ejaculation & my sex power is gettinf low day by day… Dr pls help me coz its very complicated for each & every men.

  48. saif mithaiwala says:

    hello, i am saif 40 years old still unmarried, my weight is 75, and height is 5.3, my problrm is i do not get erection easily and if it gets erects its very soft and last for few seconds, apart from dat wt just a little stimulation i ejaculate.. can u pls help me, i donot have any medical problems like diabetes, hypertension , physically i m fit, and also like to know is there any way to increase girth or size of penis.. pls reply …

  49. my sex duration is too short // how could i increase pl help me

  50. I am 40 yrs of age. I got married at this age, but while having sex with my wife I couldnt last long. What should I do to have a longer time in sex.

  51. Pinak Paul says:

    I need to increase my sex power. Plz inform me through my email.

  52. Hi doctor,
    I am 32 and just got married, but my serial feeling with my partner is not like which I were feeling before 30th of my life. I thing some excitement is missing. What I can do to increase my sexual excitement.

  53. Guide me sir how I increase my sex time first it will take 2 to 5 minutes then second one it takes time for erection of penis

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    I m suffering from premature ejaculation.how can i get from it? M 22 yrs old.

  56. I discharge soon as I intercourse plzz suggest some medicine for permanent cure of my weakness

  57. massimo Piscitelli says:

    Nice post it was. I like the post so much. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  58. suraj kumar says:

    i ejaculate very often
    and i couldn’t relax my wife

  59. mohd salman says:

    Sir my panis is so thin and short,my size is 4.8inches and my sex linit is 40 second plz help me how to increase panis size and sex timing,my wife is not satisfied to me.

  60. Hello sir
    I am fine so far with my sexual life but just problem is still running that premutre ejection which make me a bit upset all times. But after myself discharge my pennies still standing like a hard,
    I want to control and want more longer with the natural way,
    Any idea

  61. Karthik says:

    Sir Iam 36 years old and i have high blood pressure but controlled under medication. This is a heriditary blood pressure and i have been taking medications for the last 10 + years. Iam not feeling active at all in Sex with my wife and Iam really feeling very bad on this one. She is also little plumpy on the side and whenever I try to involve iam not getting turned on and iam not able to express this to her. Let me know if some medicines would help me to get turned on.

  62. I m 22 unmarried and facing serious premature ejaculation. please guide

  63. jagseer singh says:

    hello sir i wana increase sex power .pls help me

  64. Thanks for your great Tips to improve sex power. I definitively take care about these steps to keep my sex power strong. We all try new rules to make your relationship active with new sex advice.

    Keep enjoy erotic sex with your partner.

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