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intercourse during period – A comprehensive view

“Is it safe to have intercourse during periods”  is one of the most debated topics. There are those who say, it is fine, and there are those who are skeptical about sex during periods. Before we get into whether it is ok or not, let’s get rid of some of the myths about sex during periods.

myth no. 1 – Sex during period causes AIDS. This is really an absurd myth. unsafe sex with people who have already contracted with HIV causes the infection.

myth no.2 – Intercourse during period causes spread of  sexually transmitted diseases. No. unsafe sex with those having STD causes the spread of the disease.

myth no.3 – Sex during period is a sin. No, as long as it is done between husband and wife, with mutual consent.

So, once we have got myths out of our brains, here are some of the arguments regarding whether or not, sex during period is safe.

1. Many modern health experts say that it is no wrong to have intercourse during menstrual period. Since menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon and the during periods, there is only the outflow of superficial layer of uterine endometrium, there is no harm to have sex during periods.

2. There are some experts believing that – sex during periods might cause the reverse flow of the menstrual blood (shed layer of uterine endometrium) through fallopian tubes and may end up in a condition called as Endometriosis. where in the pieces of uterine endometrium (superficial detached layer) gets lodged on to other body parts such as ovary, intestines, etc. causing abdominal pain during periods and other symptoms.

3. Ayurveda explains the act of sex aggravates Vata factor. During menstrual flow also, there is aggravation of Vata and Pitta. So, act of sex, during periods, would aggravate Vata to a greater extent causing pain and other complications.
As per Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 25th chapter,
Having sex during period is inauspicious, unhealthy 
My personal advice –
Don’t you think just resting yourself for those 3-4 days is a better idea? Just a thought.


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