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Woman Foreplay Tips: Should She Be Proactive During Sex?

Foreplay is the indulgent time before the actual sex. Foreplay is very important for good sex experience. During foreplay, woman and man both have active roles. But how much active should a woman be? Should she be leading the foreplay? or should she allow her man to lead forward? The answer is hidden in mindset of both the partners. 

Initial days of sexual life

In the initial days of sexual life, usually man will be more active and leading during foreplay. In the initial period of sex (or love relationship), it is better and safe for women to avoid being proactive during foreplay.

Though the husband may ask wife to be active in foreplay in the initial days. But still wife may choose to avoid being so. A very active wife in woman may trigger a sense of suspicion in husband’s mind. “Is she a master in sex already?” 

Man is a little more dominant than woman in sex. Man would like to make woman learn the art of sex. The shyness and the initial inhibition that the woman shows, makes man to feel complete and it increases the love between the two.

After a few months of sexual life 

Once after passing initial days of sex life, woman can be more proactive and she can even be leading during sex. Because, by this time, the suspicion quotient in men will be faded away.

Note: It may seem that I have put my opinion about proactive role of woman in foreplay from a man’s perspective. I may seem to be inclined to be male domination. But the issue is not about male / female domination. The issue is all about mutual co operation between husband and wife to achieve a successful sex life.

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