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My India – Land Of Bloody F****rs :(

I am a very proud Indian. Whenever I hear my national Anthem, I get goosebumps. Whenever I hear the greats like Swamy Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhiji, Lokamanya Tilak, I get tears of respect in my eyes. I always want India to be remembered as the land of religious harmony, the land of Spiritual ecstasy, the land of universal brotherhood, the sacred land which preaches Holy Vedas, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism, to the world. But whenever I open a news paper or see a news channel, I see rape, rape and rape all around.

Newborn infant girl is getting raped, toddlers are getting raped, teenagers are getting rape, young ladies are getting rape, married , middle aged aunts, elderly granny everyone is getting raped. After 6 decades of independence, look at what we have achieved… A rape every 22 minutes.

Swami Vivekananda had told  – The day when women is respected in every household, that day India will see prosperity.

Sounds such an ironical situation, the current one.

If you beat someone, it is an injury to the body.
If you kill someone, the body dies and soul leaves the body.
But if you rape someone, you are directly killing the soul of the person. You are directly taking away someone’s meaning of existence. It is far far far faaar worse than stripping the skin out of someone. It is that brutal. It is that f****ing ugly.

If you feel excessive uncontrollable sexual urge, 

Then sit on a chair in your bathroom. Hold your dick and masturbate half an hour everyday at your home. Do this in the morning, afternoon and evening. Do this every time you get an erection.

Or marry a girl that you love and have sex everyday. Have oral, anal and whichever the way she agrees and permits.

Still you can’t control the urge, go to a psychiatrist and get some psychiatric treatment.

If you hate some girl to the bottom of your dick, then try killing her, get caught and spend rest of your life masturbating in jail.

Still you can’t control.. then go and cut your troubling organ.  The world will feel relieved.
Or go kill yourself. The world will be free from a *******.

Do you really have any idea about woman’s pain and sufferings?
Can you bleed 35 ml of blood from your bottom every month? This is what she bleeds every month, during menstrual cycle. If you know your maths, from 15 – 45 years, in these 30 years, she bleeds 35 ml X 12 X 30 = 12.6 liters of blood. This is natural. This is God gift for her. This makes her special. But can you stand to lose that amount of blood naturally? oooh! just a small cut and a small droplet of blood flowing out of your penis is so, so, so painful. isn’t it? 

Have you ever imagined what she goes through when she has this estrogen and progesterone hormone fluctuations every month? Mark my word, any man with so much of hormonal fluctuations will go nuts just within half an hour. It takes to be a woman to bear that, to hold her head up and to perform like no other in this world.

Can you tolerate a flame being introduced into your face and head everyday, after you reach 40 years? This is what a woman goes through – hot flashes, nearing menopause.

Given a chance, can you hold 9 kg weight for 9 months and then deliver it through a narrow whole of yours? No man on this earth can take that challenge. Each and every dicky thing in this world should be grateful to Mother Nature for the most beautiful, ultra sophisticated  and most wonderful creature ever, The Woman.

I dream of that day – 

I dream of that day, when woman is respected in each and every corner of India.
I dream of that day when self protection, Karate etc is taught to every girl in every school, compulsorily.
I dream of that day, when every woman is able to cut the dick of every rape attempter, every time, everywhere.
I dream of that day, when sex is only done in legal and ethical framework.

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  2. Spirituality is the only solid and permanent answer to all these problems. Shining souls like Swami Vivekananda, Ramkrishna Paramahansa, Sai Baba have illuminated this path and been great role models for us, but we have continued to either ignore or forget them, and surrender to the vices of lust, anger, jealousy, hatred, revenge, etc. We focus too much on the external world, not paying enough attention to the internal world.

    Our minds are getting weaker with each passing generation. The smallest unfulfilled desire leads to sorrow. Persisting sorrow culminates in anger. Anger leads to loss of discrimination. And when there is loss of discrimination, the ‘apocalypse’ of the soul follows resulting in all such harmful actions. Hence it is very important to be aware of and moderate our desires at their very birth.

    It is difficult to divert/suppress urges/desires unless there a positive replacement one can cling to in its stead. A spiritual focus is the only thing that can provide that much needed and lasting positive replacement/ideal from all the vices that exist, from all the temptations that can easily drown us if we are not careful.

    If we keep adding water to salt, the saltiness will slowly but surely dilute. We cannot afford to let the water dry…

  3. Srinivas says:

    Great Thought…………… I too hope the world becomes rape free and all women are respected. If a man wants to have sex with a particular lady then he should request her, propose her, urge her, persuade her to have sex.

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